Videogame – ‘Innervision I’ – Ideology.

I have been working on 6 Levels of a video game (and 1 bonus level).
These levels are directly inspired by a recent experience of falling asleep & waking up whilst playing video games.

I finished work at 7 am and returned home to play some much needed GameCube. I finished one of the first bosses on the game ‘Zelda: Wind Waker’ and found myself drunkenly wandering around the first ‘Fairy cave’ I had experienced in the game, a religiously relaxing experience.
The (relative) intensity of that boss perfectly complimented how calm I felt now peacefully residing in the safety of the cave, this had an entirely tranquillizing effect on my person and I pretty much immediately drifted off to sleep listening to the fairies lullaby.

When I awoke I found myself inside the fairy cave, I could hear the great Deku tree (an incongruity) speaking to me softly and I could see the pixellated fairies floating around the cave gently. Most notably, I could hear the music I had fallen asleep listening to, or my perception of it was this.
I wandered around the cave looking closely at the textures of the walls, floors and leaves of the plants that grew there, holding no concern for the music.
Merely moving around in this area was almost like walking through water and I felt I could no longer keep this up, I tried to lay down on the grass, which was waving around in front of me, although what I actually achieved was to ‘clip’ or move through the floor, following which I felt myself descending an unfathomable distance.

When I awoke I found myself inside my bedroom, I could hear the fairy music still looping and my projector still displaying the fairy cave.
The experience left such a powerful impression of confused peacefulness on me I felt I would have no trouble in illustrating this in a piece of work.
Thus I resolved to create an interactive experience in the form of a 1-player, first-person video game, which would in effect illustrate this dream to an audience.

I had previously been inspired by various video game music, most notably the ‘Earthbound’ OST by Suzuki & Tanaka. Furthermore, video games as a whole have been instrumental in my childhood, adolescence and adulthood, so I already had a wealth of experience from the perspective of an audience to draw upon in my creation.