Here’s a few GIFs I’ve made from a collection of screenshots from recent works.

My first fairly simple GIF, made from two frames of densely layered glitchy feedback.

My next attempt contained more frames & at a faster rate but I felt lost a part of its amorphous quality in being so skittish.

My third attempt combined what I liked the most of the previous two, having a vaguely identifiable foreground central shape with a more complex background of layered digital feedback.

Lizard Quest – Profile

For aeons the lizard quest has been ongoing, the seed planted so deep within the past as to impregnant the future with its curse. The Lizard’s Quest is an eternal one.

lizard quest

Lizard Quest is Aaron Mears & Jake Horgan, two creative minds working as one, cultivating years of practice & experience to form one entity with one aim, to bring out the Lizard in all of us.

Utilising field recordings & found material, as well as glitched-out digital instrumentation conjuring an exploration of contrasting sound areas, taking as frame of reference: rhythmic clatter deep droning pulses re-appropriation of found sounds, with an emphasis of exploring digital realms.
Combining this with our entirely original & connected visuals based on pure video feedback, creates an overwhelmingly groovy intergalactic experience.