Frahmbient – Remix of ‘You’ by Nils Frahm


This is an ambient reworking of a song by Nil Frahm, I made this immediately after hearing the album ‘Screws’ for the first time.

I clearly remember how powerfully the entire album was from start to finish. It instantly compelled me to make music again and I needed to emulate how it made me feel.

I recorded the sound of ‘You’ playing into the room I had first heard it in and began layering it back onto itself. (you can even hear the church bells & the birds tweeting from outside my window, a beautiful natural addition I decided to keep in). From there I worked with moreĀ convolution reverb and various other filters to separate layers and generate a few different versions. This is certainly the best take however, exhibiting the careful solitude of the original piece whilst still displaying an overwhelming feeling of peace.

This piece was submitted as part of a Nils Frahm remix collection & is also available to listen on his website below –

The image is an amplified image of tears, specifically, tears of change.