Cycle – Marla Singer & Witch – 18/3/17

Explicitly minimal/cyclic visual stimulus for Cycle

In order to convey a cyclic sense of movement, I attached various forms of layered feedback onto a rotating sphere inside another rotating sphere, each spinning at exactly 33.1/3 RPM



Here’s a few GIFs I’ve made from a collection of screenshots from recent works.

My first fairly simple GIF, made from two frames of densely layered glitchy feedback.

My next attempt contained more frames & at a faster rate but I felt lost a part of its amorphous quality in being so skittish.

My third attempt combined what I liked the most of the previous two, having a vaguely identifiable foreground central shape with a more complex background of layered digital feedback.

Ambstract – 3 abstract-ambient pieces from 2014

The first piece ‘Sun-days’ was written across two different Sundays and as such has two distinct styles/moods, using the same source material.

’11 Wizards’ was conceived as the soundtrack to a dream I had experienced. Immediately after awakening I sought to replicate what I had heard in the dream, which was an epic, drawn-out, wizard battle royale. It began with a stalemate, which seamlessly shifted into a brief opening ceremony and then eventually the battle, which subsided into darkness. The entire dream was performed as if it were in 500 frames-per-second slow-motion, the soundtrack emulates this.

‘Returnal Occurence’ is the main theme within actual short film ‘Eternal Recurrence’, dir. Rob West (2014). Based upon the Nietzschian concept of an eternally re-occurring universe, it seeks to emulate this idea through it’s loopable nature whilst retaining a specific ‘beginning’ & ‘end’.

The 3 pieces were packaged together due to their compatibility & over-arching abstract principles.