Videogame – ‘Innervision I’ – OST

The soundtrack for my first game ‘Innervision I’ interestingly came way before the videogame.

I had previously had a vision-like dream about a videogame that I had fallen into unwittingly following a late-night drunken zelda boss-fight session. The dream contained all which I would put into my first game in terms of music & visuals. The vaguely Playstation-1-era looking graphics, the crispy-clean interaction sounds, the NPCs etc.

I found the idea of making a videogame based off of music, and not the converse, an amusing one due to the fact that I enjoyed both sound design and visual design as well as the obviously backward methodology. The process of designed a game-level based off of a sound was entirely backward and I would not recommend this process to anyone else, however, I feel it works well for me as I enjoy reverse-engineering projects. This caused multiple problems on every level of production & performance.
Instead of going back into the songs and changing their structure to match the level layout, I would rigorously play through each level to make sure what was happening on-screen visually was in accordance with what was happening acoustically. If part of a level didn’t match the sound I would delete and rebuild that part of the level somewhere else within the level at a time when the music was more fitting. This eventually translated to having a strict playthrough-schedule within each level, due to the restrictions within the software in not letting you dynamically change the sound. Maintaining this schedule within the level when done correctly gave the impression of an entirely natural evolution of sound, however, when done incorrectly gave an entirely jarring effect.

This game was performed only once for the 2nd Interworld Media event @ Foodhall, Sheffield, sometime in February 2019. 

Due to the incredibly janky nature of the gameplay and the fact that I did the ENTIRE THING IN 1 WEEK, the game will not be released to the public in full at any point. However I will be releasing a playthrough video at somepoint in the near future.